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Management of Adygeya “Adyghe Khasa” plans to meet new Sochi mayor


The social movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya is going to address to the appointed on October, 30th acting mayor of Sochi Djambulat Hatuov in occasion of the symbolics, organization and carrying out of the Winter Olympiad-2014. However the corresponding reference is not connected with the national identity of the new head of the town.

As the chairman of the public organization Arambiy Hapay said at the session of the executive committee on Thursday, the reference to the mayor would be not the only one. They also plan to meet, for example, with the management of the Olympic committee of Russian Federation, and the organizing committee on the Olympiad preparation. And the decision on it had been made far not now.

As to that Hatuov is an Adyg, in the opinion of the leader of the organization, that gives additional hopes for solving the question. “It is inadmissible, when the head of the Russian state in the days of struggle in Guatemala for our victory with Sochi, declares that earlier Greeks had lived here. Not only Russians, but also all the visitors of the Olympiad should know that Sochi is the land of Adygs, they should see what culture we have”.

And about the tragedy happened in the XIX century, people should know, considers A. Hapay. Moreover, the Olympiad will take place in the year of the 150th anniversary of the ending of the Russian-Caucasian war which outcome practically full deportation of the people became. “On the Red Glade on May, 21st, 1864 the imperial armies made a feast in occasion of their victory”, - he reminded.

For the inhabitants of the Black sea Shapsugia D. Hatuov’s appointment became a great unexpectedness, Sochi native, nowadays – a Maykop citizen, a member of the bureau of the branch of the Communist Party of Russian Federation of Adygeya Aydamir Tkhagushev told “Caucasian unit” correspondent. “Everyone whom I communicated with, is greatly puzzled: whether that to the best it or to the worst”, - he noted.

Tkhagushev told that from the outsider’ point of view the appointment is as if for Shapsugs’ good, as they are protecting their rights as the indigenous small people. “Probably, Krasnodar authorities trace the course of the litigations, - he explained. - And, probably, they have come to the conclusion that time has come to concede to Shapsugs’ requirements.

But, it is also possible, in his opinion, there is a game with return result when they supposed that it is more difficult to struggle with “their man”. Besides, the opponents got "trump": the representative of your people is at authority, and he speaks that it is all right.

The third variant named by the interlocutor, is that the appointment has no any underlying reasons, and Hatuov was transferred to Sochi as a man of business who should organize "break", having proved his professionalism in preparation for the Olympiad or "to burn down".

Let's note, as website informs, Djambulat Hatuov, appointed on October, 30th, acting mayor of Sochi, has declared that he is going to start working immediately.

"For me Sochi is a very responsible work. The decision on my appointment is supported by the deputies, and I start working immediately", - Hatuov told journalists after the extraordinary session of Sochi town Assembly.

He added that first of all he plans to pay attention to the problems of the water supply system of the town. "In the near future I plan to have meetings with inhabitants of the resort zone. In my work I shall be guided by the principle of the public accountability and professionalism", - acting Sochi Mayor emphasized.

The website also published his curriculum vitae:

Hatuov Djambulat Hizirovich was born on June, 3rd, 1962 in Sovietskaya village, Novokubansky area of Krasnodar region in the employees’ family.

After graduation of the high school since 1979 he worked as a supplier-commodity researcher of the supply-commodity office of Novokubansky regional consumer society of Krasnodar regional consumer union.

In 1984 he graduated the Moscow of People’s Friendship awards cooperative institute on the speciality “economist-organizer”.

Since August, 1984 he worked the director of the retail trade enterprise of Uspensky regional trading association of Uspensky area consumer society of Krasnodar regional consumer union.
1984-1986 - service in the Soviet army.

1986-1998 – the chairman of the board of Uspensky area consumer union. In 1997 he graduated the Belgorod university of consumers' cooperative society on speciality “lawyer”.

In 1998 he was been elected the chairman of the Council of Uspensky area consumer union, simultaneously being a member of the Council and Presidium of Krasnodar regional consumer union.

In June, 2002, during the flooding, he was appointed the acting head of Uspensky area, and since July, 2002 the regional Council of deputies elected him the head of Uspensky area.

In December, 2004 inhabitants of Uspensky area was elected D. K. Hatuov the head of the municipal formation again.

On May, 31st, 2006 he was appointed the acting head of Armavir town.

On October, 8th, 2006 he is elected the head of Armavir town.

He was awarded: the Centrsoyuz sign "For Honest Work in Consumers' Cooperative Society of Russia" (1999); the commemorative medal "For Outstanding Contribution to Development of Kuban" of II degree (2000); the commemorative medal "For Outstanding Contribution to Development of Kuban" of I degree.

Djambulat Hatuov is married, has two children: a son - student, and a daughter r- schoolgirl.

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