Tuesday 27 May 2008

Interview with Maxim Gunjia, Abkhazian Deputy Foreign Minister

"Abkhazia will always be independent" Maxim Gunjia.

The rising tension between Russia and Georgia over the de-facto independent republic of Abkhazia provoked a wave of accusations against Russia in Western media. Moscow is accused of jeopardising Georgia's sovereignty by sending more peacekeeping troops to Abkhazia. Russia warns Georgia against launching an invasion of Abkhazia.

But what is the position of the people of Abkhazia, whose voice has little chance to be heard in the international media? Our guest today is Abkhazian Deputy Foreign Minister Maxim Gunjia. (Russia Today Spotline)

RT Spotlight, 13 May, 2008


Maksim Gunjia, Abkhazian Deputy Foreign Minister

1976 - Born in Sukhum (Ak'wa), Abkhazia
1998 - Graduates, Gorlovka State Teacher Training Institute of Foreign Languages, Ukraine

1999 - Joins Department of Interpretation, Abkhazian Foreign Ministry
2001 - Masters in Negotiation Skills, Harvard Law School Accredited
2001 - Member, Abkhazian Committee to Ban Landmines
2002 - Head, International Department, Abkhazian Foreign Ministry
2004 - Diploma, Human Rights Centre, University Of New South Wales
2004 - Abkhazian Deputy Foreign Minister
2005 - Abkhazian Representative, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation

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