Monday, 26 May 2008

About Georgia military aid from foreign countries

Military and political leaders of countries - NATO members and other States has consistently pursued a policy of providing large-scale military assistance to Georgia in order to improve the combat capability of national armed forces. Such actions motivated by the need to Tbilisi preparation for integration into the Alliance and "strengthen stability in the region".

Major activities include the supply of the Georgian arms and military equipment (IWW), as well as other products for military use, foreign specialists participated in the preparation of Georgian troops, including their training in educational establishments allies in the alliance, financial aid (table / Russian). In doing so, military-technical assistance from western countries often carried out gratis.

Among NATO member states most active in providing assistance to Tbilisi in strengthening the national armed forces have shown the U.S., Turkey, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Significant amounts of VVT come to Georgia from Ukraine, the growing Israeli-Georgian military-technical cooperation.

In general terms stated in Tbilisi course to the possibility of forceful solution to the problems of South Ossetia and Abkhazia building the armed forces of the republic has had a destabilizing impact on the development of military-political situation in the Transcaucasus region.

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