Sunday, 25 May 2008

Dark skinneds can not enter!

Hakan Aksay, May 24th, 2008, TARAF, Turkish Newspaper

The man was drunk. He approached to the girls and offered to drink beer together. Most of the girls turned their heads with disgust, but the oldest one accepted the offer. While the younger ones were looking at her surprised the man had already got the beers. As the girl was giving beers to her friends she had convinced the man to go to a silent spot and have fun.

The man in front and seven girls following him, they went into the woods. After a while the oldest girl whispered with her friends. Before the man could notice what was going on the beer bottles went down on his head.

Blood flew down from the line between his grizzled hair and dark skin. Bottles, rocks and kicks fell on the man's body lying on the ground.

After a while seven girls left the corpse quietly. Their eyes sparkling with hatred, they said "these black asses should be taught their lessons just like this".

This murder was in a town near Moscow. Only one of the girls were over 18 who killed the 54 years old Azerbaijani worker. By this for the first time a murder commited by children was added to the serial racist assaults.

Then there were more "racist children". In an organized structure like "Skinheads" and similar groups about 150 racist, chauvinist and faschist organizations were formed in the next few years in Russia. They gathered about 70.000 people in their lines.

Most of these were between the ages 14-20. In streets and metro they were screaming "Russia belongs to Russians" to the black haired, slant eyed, dark or yellow skinned people; attacking them, beating, wounding and sometimes killing them.

Azerbaijanis, Tajiks and Africans were the most in numbers among the murdered and wounded ones. Turks had also got their share.

Since the beginning of this year 70 people were killed by racists. This number was 67 all last year.

It is hard to say that the government took serious measures against racism. Moreover it is most likely , the government benefit from this sitaution by using these organisations as negative examples while claiming that themselves are the real representatives of the nationalism.

Most people began to support the request ‘‘Deporting the dark skinned people who comes from other places and subvert the order&peace in big cities" .

The police first and foremost stops the dark skinned people for id verification. Landlords add notices to their ads like "Only to Russians" or "Caucasians not accepted". Such prohibitions are even seen on some restaurants and night clubs.

Yet once upon a time Soviets' most used criticism against USA was discrimination against black people.

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