Thursday, 23 October 2008

Onur Oymen motion to censure to the Presidency of Turkish National Assembly

16 October 2008

To the Presidency of Turkish National Assembly,

I request a written answer by the Minister of Transportation Mr. Binali Yıldırım to my motion to censure.

Deputy of Bursa
(The vice president of the Republican People’s Party - CHP)

It is said that the number of people living in our country and protecting their relations with Caucasian countries is about three million. Some of those who are our citizens have difficulty to visit their relatives there due to insufficient transportation facilities. Our citizens of Abkhaz origin need to travel through Russia, taking a long and troublesome journey, to visit Abkhazia. Unfortunately, the ship that was once running between Trabzon and Sukhum have been cancelled. Likewise, there are no flights between Turkey and Sukhum. If these difficulties are due to limitations by the Georgian Government, the transportation is belived to be realised with explaination of the humanitarian aspect of this to Georgian authorities.

Does the government have any action for the restarting of navigation and starting of flights between Trabzon and Sukhum?

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