Wednesday 22 October 2008

Gordon Hahn - ROPV Announcement

Longer versions of both “Georgia’s Propaganda War” and “The Making of the Five-Day Georgian War: A Military and Diplomatic Chronology” as well as the exchange of views regarding the August war that took place on JRL between Professor Gordon M. Hahn, on the one hand, and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s chief PR consultant and two U.S. military officers, on the other, can be found at Russia - Other Points of View through the link

Gordon Hahn's 'Notes from the Underground'

The Making of Georgian-Russian Five-day August War: A Chronology, June-August 8, 2008
Download Georgia_Russian_War_TIMELINE.doc

Georgia's Propaganda War (complete version), October 17, 2008
Download Georgia_Propaganda_War_Long_Version.doc

Georgia-Russia War Discussion between Gordon Hahn and Johnson's Russia List, October 17, 2008
Download Georga_Russia_War_Hahn_JRL_Exchange.doc

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