Thursday, 14 August 2008

Statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia

As a result of the tragic events brought about by the launch of a perfidious war by Georgia against South Ossetia, the civilians have been put under a threat of genocide. The situation in the Caucuses now threatens world-stability, and, for its part, Abkhazia charges the Georgian side with full responsibility for this tragedy. Georgia is also solely responsible for the irreparable consequences of this conflict, which has already cost the lives of 2000 civilians in South Ossetia.

In addition to its manifest infringement of human rights, Georgia has also given a clear demonstration of what an irresponsible participant it is in any political processes, having blatantly violated signed agreements. Abkhazia has more than once pointed this out to the participants of the Georgian-Abkhaz negotiation process. The conclusion must be that the lack of any adequate assessment of the actions of Georgia by the International Community contributed to the large number of innocent victims and refugees in this conflict. International mediators in the Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-Ossetian conflicts (inter alia the UN Security Council and OSCE) have proved their hopelessness and incompetence in helping to resolve emergencies in the field of conflict resolution and/or prevention. The latest meetings of the UN Security Council have given ample to the Abkhazians that they can expect no possible security guarantees from the International Community in the case of renewed armed aggression by Georgia against Abkhazia. The Georgian actions, supported by a barrage of disinformation from the leading American and British mass-Media, reaffirms that Georgia has been considering and continues to consider a forceful resolution to the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. We have come to the conclusion that such a resolution by force will have been based on approval from those friends of Georgia who have been trying to convince Abkhazia of the peaceful intentions of Saakashvili's regime. The Abkhaz side considers the actions of the mediators as a deliberate attempt to deceive them in order to weaken the defense capacity of the country.

Taking into account the foregoing and also the decision of Georgia to secede from the CIS, Abkhazia considers it important to keep a substantial contingent of Russian peacekeepers on its territory, as clearly only Russia is able to act as guarantor of the preservation of the Abkhaz nation and stability all over the region.

As for the resumption of the Georgian-Abkhaz negotiation-process, the sole prior condition is the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia by Georgia.

Sukhum 13.08.08

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