Sunday, 10 August 2008

Shelled city is living hell - No western cameras in South Ossetia

Thousands of South Ossetians are trapped in the ruins of a city almost destroyed by Georgian missiles. The remaining residents of Tskhinvali are huddled in cellars beneath bombed-out buildings. They are struggling to survive - without water, food or electricity.

The death toll in Georgia’s breakaway republic has reached at least 2,000, according to Russian and South Ossetian sources. Georgian officials deny the figure is that high.

Twelve Russian peacekeepers have also been killed in the fighting with up to 150 others wounded.

A Russian army general was injured when his unit came under fire. There is no information on his condition yet.In two days of intense fighting, South Ossetia claims a Georgian bomber was shot down and 12 Georgian tanks destroyed in and around Tskhinvali.

The capital is said to be almost completely ruined and without water and electricity. Read more...

No western cameras in South Ossetia

The conflict over Georgia’s breakaway republic is as much about information as it is about weapons. South Ossetia's press service claims Western media outlets can't be trusted because they haven't been operating in the region ”since the conflict began”.

VIDEO: No western cameras in South Ossetia

If you are about to watch the video be warned that some people may find the images disturbing.

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