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Corruption and lawlessness or who lives happily ever after in Karachaevo-Cherkessia? Part 1., by Alexei Karaev

'There are no ethnic elites in KChR; local government is the only policy elite'

Boris Ebzeev

Backgrounds for ethnic conflicts.

Small in the sense of territory, but huge in the matter of instability, the republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia attracts more attention lately. The reports about adversarial atmosphere accelerated, and in the end of the February 2010 the republic was visited be the President-Dmitry Medvedev with his Plenipotentiary Representative in the North Caucasus –Alexandr Khloponin. The short visit to republic disclosed to the federal administration small parts of all “beauties” of life for an ordinary person in the republic; although the vast part of all goers are thoroughly being hidden from an outer power in corrupted offices f local governors.

The main reason for the escalation of instability is the violation of the parity treaty of 1999 by the current local government. According to the treaty formula, the president of the republic should be of karachai nationality, the head of the local Cabinet of ministers- a Circassian, the head of the Parliament – a Russian.

The blocking of the candidate of Vyacheslav Derev, a Circassian by nationality, to the Federation Council by the majority of the karachai parliamentarians even worsened the situation. It triggered mass protests from the behalf of the Circassian population. Disregard of absolutely legitimate claims of Circassian public organizations led to the decadence of already strained political and public situation in the republic. Youth movements “Adighe Khasa” of neighbor republics – Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and Adygea, got involved into action as well. More than once leaders of public organizations from the three mentioned regions declared that the lawlessness of local government towards its citizens is not acceptable and that it should be stopped.

Most of the political experts and politicians themselves, going deeply into the problem of KChR, agreed upon a statement that despite his work experience in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Boris Ebzeev- the current president of KChR, turned out to be extremely not ready to manage the region. For the short time period of his administration, he showed the lack of ethnical delicacy and did not take into consideration all the specificity and subtlety of the stability in KChR. Boris Ebzeev was also noticed to overindulge in alcoholic beverages, which of course reflects on his actions and decisions. Apparently the growing problems stress out the head of the region, and the desire to “relax” becomes stronger every day.

For the better understanding all the reforms of the republic administration were divided into next subcategories:

1. Staffing Policy

Here are the most “outstanding” examples of Ebzeev’s staff policy:

1. Everest Gochiyaev (the cousin of the President) - was assigned as a head of municipal settlement “Poselok Dombai”. Used to be a person involved in the case of concealing of the leader of terrorist bands- A. Gochiyaev, who is responsible for terrorist actions in Moscow. E. Gochiyaev is also known by his connections to the criminal community of the republic.

2. Arashukov Rauf (son of the head of “Stavropolreioggaz” and “Stavropolkraigaz”) – assigned as a head of Khabez area of the republic. Was born in 1987, at the age of 17 he became the deputy of Stavropol City Duma, later he became the minister of labor and social development of KChR, then an adviser-assistant of Ebzeev, and the latest position- the head of the Khabez area. The list of his criminal misdeeds is rather impressive and it can take some time to enumerate them.

3. Aliev Ismail- assigned as the first vice-Prime minister of KChR, supervises the economic part. Karachai nationalist- one of the main ideologists and propagandist of the idea that karachai people are the superior than other nations. He has no managing experience at all. A very notorious person, with a very aggressive intolerance to everything that cannot be claimed as “Karachai”.

4. Aibazov Ratmir- Senator from the republic in the Federation Council. “Selected” by the Parliament of the republic, after his candidacy was offered by the president Ebzeev. In 1979 he was sentenced to 6 years for forceful rape. In 2003 his case and his file “accidentally” disappeared from the archives. He built up his wealth by criminal activity. In 1999 a criminal case was initiated against him –large scale fraud. After extensive investigation his case was “closed”. Estimated capital- 100 million euro. It is know fact that Aibazov “assigns” his relatives as judges with the help of the head of the Supreme Court of KChR Andrei Davydkov. Aibazov gives to Ebzeev expensive apartments and cars as gifts.

5. Uzdenov Umar- “selected” as the head of Malokarachaevskiy area. Notoriously famous by his connections to the criminal and terroristic bands. His candidacy was offered by Ebzeev and supported by citizens, nonofficial “agitated” by criminals.

Thus, at the amount of 38% from the population of the republic, the Karachais take the positions of:

• Investigating Committee – 70%
• Executive branch – 44%
• Officers of justice – more than 80%
• Courts (including the Supreme Court) – more than 50%
• Audit Chamber – 42%
• Selection Committee – 52%
• Parliament deputy – 51%
• Prosecutor General Office – more than 50%

It seems clear that B. Ebzeev shows absolute ethnocracy in staffiing policy. It need to mention that in all his decisions Ebzeev is supported by all means by his own son.

2. Economics

In the list of prosperity of regions in the RF every month Karachaevo-Circassia decays lower and lower. The next data are dated back the middle of 2009(current situation is even worse):

- Agriculture and cattle stock decreased enormously, as well decreased crop acres. Manufacturing products became more expensive, more than on 10%.

- Manufacturing decreased more than on 11%.

- The building sector: the amount of work decreased more than on 57%. The building of social apartments is frozen. Correspondingly, all construction sector ministers- arte the people of Ebzeev and Aibazov.

- Disposable real income decreased on 7%.

- Wage arrears grew up to 70%.

Experts noticed that the economic situation in the republic is critical. And the authorities of KChR don’t do anything to improve it and to get out of the crisis. All they do is just talk.

3. Criminal situation.

Despite of all attempts of KchR authorities to hide the data, we managed to get the statistics of criminal actions in the region. The increase of crimes grew up to 17% with the comparison to the same period of time for the last year. The increase of especially grave crimes is 32,6%. In 1,8 times increased the number of murders and assassinations, in 3,5 times increased the number of street crimes, in 1,6 times increased the number of economic fraud, in 2 times- bribery. As they say, the pressure of bureaucracy on business grew in times. The tax payments in business area decreased on 30%- many businessmen and investors left their business.

The situation that has been described can be called nothing other than “administrative racket” towards to businessmen. That in turn helps in reorganizing of the financial streams and in elimination of contenders.

The head of the economic –crime campaign department in KChR A. Khapaev is the main executor of such type of orders. He has constant connections with criminal world of the republic. His assignment for the position of vice minister’s position is being actively lobbying by the President Ebzeev and the Senator Aitbazov.

4. Conclusions:

1. The authorities of the republic and Boris Ebzeev himself are not capable of handling their duties;

2. There are system problems in the region management;

3. Living standard is much lower than in Russia in general;

4. The corruption level is extremely high the unity of criminal world and of the local government is beyond the pale;

5. Social and Economic data are very upsetting in general;

6. There’s no adequate activity to protect the citizens from the terrorist organizations;

7. The political situation is extremely tensed. The authorities are not capable of constructive dialogue with representatives of civil society – that can lead to social explosion.

Dmitriy Medvedev’s visit to KChR indicates that the Federal center sees danger for the North Caucasus stability and for the Russian Federation, in general, in actions of Boris Ebzeev and his associates.

Alexei Karaev
Independent journalist, freelancer
Cherkessk, KChR
March 14, 2010

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