Monday 16 February 2009

A Circassian Cultural Event in Jordan, April 5th 2009

''As a result of the successful International Language Conference which was held in Amman, organised by the Jordanian Khassa (Association) in October 2008, a decision was unanimously adopted by all participants to establish a Centre for Circassian Reserach and Studies. The participants all voted to have this Centre established in Amman Jordan to serve the needs and interests of all Circassians of the World. The actual legal entity is in the process of formation now and the temporary headquarters has been established at the Khassa in Amman, Jordan.

We are organising a special two day event. It begins with a Concert evening (April 5th) in which this decision will be announced and proclaimed for all international organisations, individuals and governments who support such projects (such as EU and UNESCO). Many Diplomats, ambassadors and invited VIP's will attend and Ministers of Cultures of the Circassian Republics are also invited to attend as well as some presidents of Circassian associations around the world.

The project plans (architectural and schematics & budget) will be reviewed and a discussion about its objectives and purposes will ensue separately between all Circassian representatives on the day following the Concert evening. This is perceived as an international Circassian project and we want as many leaders of our international community to participate and to contribute to its success."

The program will consist of the Concert evening on April 5th (with Royal Patronage) with the announcement/ declaration of the project followed by a Circassian folk dance and then followed by Circassian Classical music. Clasical performers are:

1) The famous Russian Cellist, Michael Utkin (Moscow). 2) The Concert Pianist, Ekaterena Lebedeva (London). 3) The Circassian Violinist Aleem Kandour (Kabardino Balkaria).

The Circassian classical music will include two premieres (new works composed by myself): Dreams of Kabarda Suite for Violin & Piano and The Terek River Sonata for Cello & Piano.

The audio-visual presentation of the project will be held on April 6th with the participation of guests and interested visitors.

Dr. Mohydeen Quandour


  1. Wonderful news and we applaud Dr Quandour's continuing efforts and contributions for his people the Circassians.

  2. "Chapeau Bas!" for Mr and Mrs Quandour for the great efforts, the follow up , and perseverance that comes from a deep belief in the need for such a project to happen, and the benefits it has for our people specially, and the international community in general; as this center would be the saviour of a language that is being neglected due to the fact that circassians are scattered around the world carrying different nationalities, and consequently the saviour of circassian culture from being lost and forgotten.
    i would appreciate being posted about the progress and needs of this project; kindly add me to your contacts list if there is any.