Thursday, 8 January 2009

We Condemn Israel’s State Terror, Greet Palestine Resistance!

''Cruelty that we have to endure is not unknown for us. We remember and know Stalin’s salt mineral, camps surrounded wire fences with guardian towers, untitled tombs. We experienced the sufferings resulted from the genocide and exile from our motherland. We have many common features with the people who have been suffering because of all these terrors. We can know them wherever they are. We also know Jewish’s and Romans who were put in oven and were as thin as a skeleton in Dachau and Auschwitz;, people who were bayoneted in Nanjing; children were terrified in Biafra; the mother with her baby begging while she was at barrel nose in My-Lai; Iraqi Arabians who were stifled by mustard gas; Rwandan Tutsis who were carved by Interhamwe’s knives at the Kigali road. They are our marytr brothers and sisters within the history of meaningless murders!''
Aslan Mashadov.

We Condemn Israel’s State Terror, Greet Palestine Resistance!

Israel is still committing an illegal act against humanity for the entire world to see. Deficient reactions coming from International society and organizations do not obtund; contrarily they create an increasing fury.

People who are being killed and whose regions mainly Caucasus, Iraq, Darfur and Palestine, become a battle field for self-interests of global actors; are helpless and angry against the muteness within the world.

While the aircrafts of Zionist regime act superior on Palestine lands that are under occupancy, Israel grudges Gaza people who live under military blockade of her, basic humanitarian aid; and insists on carrying the operation, namely the state terror.

The things that were seen in Sochi, Auschwitz, Drau, Sarajevo, Sukhum and Coharkale (Groznyy) previously, have been experienced in Gaza.

The point which is still being ignored by the Cartel Media trying to charge all the responsibility of current situation to Hamas, is the fact that Palestine lands has been occupied by Israel ignoring by UN decisions since 1967.

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was hosted by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Ankara in order to talk about ‘Peace’; and immediately after this, the minister carried an operation against Palestine civil population. This attack has become one of the disgraces within the history of humanity.

We declare our condemnation against Israel’s state terror and greetings to honorable resistance of Palestine people!

SONG FOR GAZA "We will not go down" By Michael Heart

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