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Vol. 3 (4) -Autumn 2009 issue of CRIA published‏

Vol. 3 (4) -Autumn 2009 issue of the Caucasian Review of International Affairs (CRIA) is now available on-line at

VOL. 3 (4) - AUTUMN 2009


-Note from the Editor-in-Chief (331-332)
Nasimi Aghayev (


-Alternative Dispute Resolution in the North Caucasus (pp. 333-341)
by Renée Gendron (

-The Implications of the 1993 U.N. Security Council Action for the Settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict (pp. 342-370)
by Rovshan Sadigbayli (

-Political Economy of Old-Age Pension Reforms in Georgia (pp. 371-386)
by Alexi Gugushvili (

-Corruption in Russia: A Model Exploring its Economic Costs (pp. 387-403)
by Michael P. Barry (

-Experiments in Soft Balancing: China- led Multilateralism in Africa
and the Arab World (pp. 404-434)
by Nicola P. Contessi (


-Between NATO & Russia: Ukraine's Foreign Policy Crossroads Revisited (pp. 435-444)
by Mykola Kapitonenko (


-"An Endless War: The Russian-Chechen Conflict in Perspective"
by Emil Souleimanov (pp. 445-446)
Review by Martin Malek (


-"Armenia & Georgia:
Corruption, the State, and Change" (pp. 447-451)
Interview with Dr. Christoph H. Stefes, University of Colorado Denver, US (

-"If Turkish-Armenian Border Reopens,
Georgia Will Become Less Important" (pp. 452-455)
Interview with Dr. Hans Gutbrod and Koba Turmanidze,
Caucasus Research Resource Centers, Tbilisi, Georgia (

CRIA is a Germany-based quarterly peer-reviewed online academic journal. The Review is committed to promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Caucasus in general, and the South Caucasus in particular are concerned. CRIA also welcomes lucid, well-documented papers on other countries and regions including especially Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, as well as on all aspects of international affairs, from all political viewpoints. CRIA is indexed/abstracted in Columbia International Affairs Online, Directory of Open Access Journals, ProQuest Research Library, EBSCOhost Research Database, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, etc.

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