Monday, 27 April 2009


THE CAUCASUS INSTITUTE is a post-graduate institute and think-tank. The goal of the CI is to encourage pluralistic discourse in the countries of the South Caucasus by contributing to the development of political science and news media in the region. The CI is accepting applications to 2009 courses in Journalism and Political Science. Go to the Admission page for details. Scholarships are available to students from the Northern Caucasus.


On April 28-29, 2009 CI will hold its 6th Yearly Caucasus Conference at Armenia Marriott Hotel, Tigran Mets Hall. Working languages: English and Russian.This major event brings together scholars, journalists and activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey and European countries. The main topics of the conference are main trends of political, social and economic development in 2008 of the South Caucasus and North Caucasus. On May 4,5 and 6, Professor Sergey Arutyunov will give lectures at CI. Topic: The Crisis and Prospects of the Global Consumerist Civilization. Lectures start at 11:45. Those wishing to attend please email Nina Iskandaryan at

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